Why Sean Bean Makes the Perfect Meme

Image result for brace yourself memeMaybe it's the hair. Maybe it's the 
calm, but commanding demeanor. Whatever it is, Boromir/Ned Stark makes for the perfect combination of a "dank meme" 
(insert eye roll here as I recall a student that said 
"dank meme" every five seconds). 

As someone who never thought of memes much more than a form of entertainment, I found the article "Explainer: what are memes?" from The Conversation to be really helpful! Throughout class, I heard phrases like "replicability" and "searchability", which I could conclude what they meant, but had never heard in reference to memes. The article described the following terms for the reader: 
  • Replicability. Digital objects are infinitely reproducible and exploitable across a range of platforms.
  • Searchability. Finished versions of memes as well as raw materials and templates are easily found.
  • Scalability. Digital objects are created for a particular audience but with the knowledge that they can spread to an unknowably large audience wherever the internet is available.
  • Persistence. Although individual digital objects may not last as long as analogue objects, they are infinitely transferable and storable in many locations.
The article also continues to explain why memes are more important than simply for entertainment purposes, but are used as a form of "new literacies" that help people make sense of crisis and bring about social awareness or change. 


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