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Not My Thesis Blog

Dear Blogger,

You have been good to me. For all of my graduate classes, I have used you. You made life easy. But now, I am afraid, it is time for us to part ways. It is time for me to put on my big-girl pants and (wo)man up. It is time for my blog to look like a blog. It is a time for me to create a writing space that I can use in my future endeavors. So it is with a heavy heart that I embark on my journey to figured out WordPress. 


BUT that's not where the story ends. I could not, for the life of me, figure out WordPress. After many half hours tinkering away at the computer, and asking other educated individuals, we are at a loss. I am back to Blogger. But hopefully not for long. I ask all of you, my colleagues, to help me! Teach me! I need to conquer WordPress! 

But until then, here is where I will start the next part of my journey: my thesis work! AND BOY GEORGE am I excited! When I first decided to go back to grad school, it was for a few reasons:

-I didn't have…