Brace Yourself...A Blog Post Is Coming-Week 7

Give me all the Sean Bean memes!                In class this week, we talked about all  memes! Not going to lie, there was a part of me that thought it's just funny-does it have to mean more? And even as we talked, and I took it all in, I couldn't help but think we were over thinking it. As we were thinking about memes in our culture, there were some references I didn't quite get. Not sure I remember the shark and Fonzie reference, as well as another one that seems to be escaping me right now-but one thing we talked about was how sometimes a meme isn't understood unless you are in that inner circle, like an inside joke!  So I found myself googling Teacher wheel house! 

Image result for memes about immigrationAnd then I started to get it...I saw so clearly the sarcasm and the issues highlighted through these memes and immediately got me thinking about future lessons I plan to teach! My students are currently practicing being critical readers of nonfiction in order to construct an argument around complex social issues, and one of our lessons centers around infographics! BUT NOW I'm thinking that we're going to also be studying the political or social undertones that highlight an issue. For example, a variety of my students are researching immigration to avoid confirmation bias and become critical thinkers and in thinking about them, I canNOT wait to have them analyze the historical and then current implications of this meme on the right-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
To quote my colleague: "These are like the political cartoons of our kids' generation."
Ain't that the truth.

.......  As I was playing around with the meme generator I also decided to try to make the meme from the "Netnarr Make Bank" where you tag a meme "the most fascinating thing in the world" and infuse your passion for it. Well, I am passionate about many things: books! cooking! dogs! WINE! lol but as a teacher, who of course is passionate about teaching...I am equally as passionate about COFFEE. Seriously, this is how I function. I'm probably 70% water, 20% coffee and 10% Diet Coke! It's a problem...although it's not...because I'm really good at it!

Since we're talking about memes...without further ado...let's hear the story of 
Finding the Light in the Darkness...

     Image result for digital surveillance memes            



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